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    Anthony S

    Where is the best place to have the repeater outside next to the condenser unit near the pressure probes, Using ODA on one of the pressure probes. Inside next to the temp probes?

    or in the middle of the pressure probes and temp probes?

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    Tamra Fusion

    Hello Anthony,

    You only need the repeater probe if your other probes cannot make connection with the iManifold or other probes in your network. Remember, the wireless system is a mesh network and that means each probe acts as a repeater to take the data back to the “hub” which is the iManifold or iConnect. The repeater also has two temperature probe posts so it can be used to take temperature measurements anywhere within the network.

    A mesh network becomes stronger the more probes are in the system. Let us know if this answers your question and if not please give us a call to go into more detail as it relates to setting up and using your system. 716 699 2031


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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