Convert I manifold to I connect??

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    Chris Stephens

    Hey guys so I have an Imanifold and a Iconnect, i haven’t used my Imanifold in a while, is it possible to convert the Imanifold into an Iconnect? I notice that you sell the outer shell for the iconnect on your website, is it as easy as simply buying the housing and disassembling the imanifold? If so could you let me know all the part numbers i need to order? Thanks Chris

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    Eric Urrutia


    There is a bit more than just the skin on the unit. Please contact us directly and we can help you with a conversion if you wish.

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    Did you get your iManifold converted? There are some things I like about iManifold but don’t want to carry the manifold and hoses anymore.

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    Eric Urrutia

    Converting the iManifold to iConnect can be done. The best choice however would be to purchase the iConnect for $340.00 and retain the functionality of having the iManifold and a two year warranty on the new iConnect. If you decide to convert a first generation iManifold it will remain a “standard range” system. Purchasing a new iConnect will give you the benefits of “long range” technology. Second generation iManifolds with “long range” technology will come back as “long range” iConnects. The conversion from iManifold to iConnect is $199.00 on either first or second generation units. The conversion consists of software upgrades, complete housing and belt clip. The conversion includes a one year warranty.

    If you want to convert your iManifold please contact us directly to arrange service. Ship us your iManifold and when we receive it, the conversion will be made and will be sent out the next business day. Very fast turnaround so you won’t be without your tool for long. We look forward to being of service to our iManifold/iConnect family!

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    I want to keep the pressure sensors but use a wire and plug. Like a Cooper MFM
    Going straight iConnect looses the quicker pressure update rate of the iManifold. iConnect is way to slow to read changing pressures sometimes.

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    Bill Northrup

    Hello MITTS,

    I see you have an issue with the wireless pressure probe readings response time. Have you tried changing the APP sampling rate to high?

    All the best,

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    Yes I switch them to high. I haven’t found a use for medium or low.

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    Eric Urrutia

    The delay that exists between the wireless probe, iConnect and your smart device is very minimal. Make sure you have a good up to date device you are using. We have found that delayed readings are caused by the smart device and not the iConnect system. Hope this helps.

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    Yes I agree it’s minimal but in refrigeration it’s very noticable if you are used to analog or other digital gauges. iManifold is tolerable set to high. iConnect just doesn’t get used when I need to see quick changes in pressure. I just don’t want to carry the manifold everywhere like I do the iConnect.

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