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    Mark Fowler

    Good afternoon, I am a contractor that works with Clear Result in the Energy Efficiency programs here in Louisiana. We have been told many time to insert out Temp and Hummidity probes into the ductwork of the systems – basically making Swiss cheese of the ductwork. I have seen many videos from yourself regarding placement of these probes and they all say “Not in front of the coil because of SUper cold air and high humidity air leaving the coil ” …SO what am i to do ? You the manufacturer details 15 feet from the plenum yet Clear Result states immediately in front of the coil…???? Please advise…

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    Bill Northrup

    Hello Mark,

    Can you give us a call so we can review how we are getting the best results from our platform? Also, it would be good to connect with you regarding what the CLEAResult process is asking you to do. Please call 716 699 2031 Touch 2 for customer service and ask for Bill or Nick.

    Thank you,


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