Proper storage of probes

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    Norman maynor

    Hello, I use the I connect and wireless probes I am looking for the best way to store the probes,would packing the temp humidity probes in a bag with a drying agent help prevent the sensors from becoming saturated by moisture,or would that be un nessary
    Thank you, norm

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    Dallas G

    I store my iConnect in a pistol case like this…

    Moisture has never been a problem in storage.

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    Norman maynor

    Thanks Dallas will check in to that I don’t want the temp humidity probes to get saturated and cause false readings. Thanks again

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    Just be sure to keep the caps in place on the pressure probes when stored, store them in a place where they won’t get beat up. The pistol case is a great idea!

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    Eric Urrutia

    Protecting your probes from moisture and extreme temperatures during storage is always a good idea to keep them in top shape. Using a desiccant is one more step to keeping your probes in top working order.

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    tom massari

    Eric any suggestions on which desiccant, and how to apply, I get keeping dry and cool are important, I wonder what you recommend?

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    Dallas G

    Tools will occasionally get stuck in the rain, but it should be understood that air conditioning systems cannot be service in the rain as it changes the characteristic of the condenser coil making it impossible to accurately check charge or performance.

    DampRidThe iManifold hardware is not waterproof. The iManifold is water resistant with the foam port plug in place and the iManifold hanging vertically from the hanging hook. Probes are not water resistant or water proof. Probe temperature and USB ports are points of water ingress. It is recommended that the probes be shielded from direct spray or rain. If water gets into the probe, as soon as possible place the probes in a sealed container on top of a paper towel with several cups of Damprid (available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowes) below. Do not place the probes or the iManifold directly in the Damprid desiccant ( Allow the hardware to sit 12-24 hours to absorb moisture. Do not power up wet probes or damage could occur to electronics. Water damage is not covered by warranty.

    If for some reason, your electronics still don’t work after drying them out, please contact us to see what your options are. All of our electronics are repairable, so please do not throw them away.

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    Eric Urrutia

    Desiccant can be bought at Walmart. The brand most popular is “Damp Rid”. They have a refillable pack that is very cost effective. This will take care of moisture during storage of the probes.

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