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    Eric Schwendler

    Where would be the best place to put my supply and return probes?

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    Eric Urrutia

    Probes need to be placed where they can get adequate air mixture, such as more than 3 feet away from the evaporator. The return grill in the occupied space can be used for the return probe. The supply probe can be placed in the 1st available register off the plenum. Probes should not be placed too close to the evaporator, since this will cause a false low air flow indication.

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    On the wireless probes what designates input 1 or 2?

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    The input closest to the tip should be #1.

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    Question about probe sensor mapping…

    Is it possible to map both temperature probe ports from 912-m to a 913-m and 914-mpressure probe to get suberheat/subcooling.

    Example: unit has pressure ports outside cabinet and I would like to use a 921-m to get the line temperatures without having probe wires ran trough the condenser fan opining of unit.

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    Bill Northrup

    Hello Tim,

    Sorry we haven’t responded sooner! At this time we don’t have the ability to map suction line and liquid line temperatures from the 912 M or any of the other probes. This functionality is defiantly on our road map. We intend to make significant APP improvements over this summer.

    Thank you for your input.


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    Michael Garofalo

    Does the new 9.7 app release allow for probes other than the pressure probe to integrate the suction line temperature to calculate Superheat yet?

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    Eric Urrutia


    We are looking to make that happen in the near future. We will keep you posted.

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