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    Greetings all. My name is Jason and I am just one of the techs that will chime in to help out when and where I can. Please use this forum openly to provide feedback, suggest improvements, submit questions, etc. Myself, and the rest of the team, will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Thanks and welcome!

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    I own both the imanifold and Iconnect, I work on medical chillers 80% of the time. Can the imanifold be used on a chiller to read more then just the refrigerant side ? Are there any sensors I can use to measure the plate heat exchangers or will there be a time I van ever profile a chiller ?

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    Eric Urrutia


    Profiles for chillers and other water sourced units are under development. We will keep everyone posted when they come available.

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    Robert Girod

    I enjoyed the I-Manifold training today. I have been using the I-Manifold since 2014 and like the scenarios today. My customers love the live data on there system. It’s easy to sale a fix, this way. Thanks, Robert

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    Hi Jason,

    I’m new to this forum so I hope the location of this posting is ok. I am looking to purchase the iconnect system soely for work on commercial chillers. I saw a thread on here earlier about someone doing similar work. Wondering if anything has been developed specifically for that type of water based work? Thank you in advance. Im excited to see if this product can be integrated into our industry.

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    Eric Urrutia


    We are in process of adding new features to our app. This will include new commercial profiling including chillers. We will keep everyone posted on when the new features will be made available. It will be soon! Please send me an email with your contact information so we can discuss. I can be reached directly at eric@npinnovations.com Thanks Al!

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