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    I was curious if the imanifold and iconnect are going to get wireless thermistor clamps for superheat and subcooling?

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    Eric Urrutia


    Essentially the temperature probes are “wireless” as they are used in conjunction with the wireless probes. If you are using an iManifold the wired thermistors plug into the iManifold unit. Using the iConnect, the thermistors plug into the wireless probes. This allows for simple and cost effective replacement of the thermistor. You have a choice to either use the strap type or the clamp thermistor as well. The one piece wireless temperature clamp would be pretty expensive to replace since it would have to have ZigBee wireless built in to the clamp.

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    Shane Carruth

    A price I’d pay to get rid of the wires. Yes they connect to a wireless medium but they are still a bear for clean up and installation. Wireless cosmos could help with the setup and clean up. Even with my thermistors on my imanifold hoses it still takes some time to setup and clean up. Even more time if I just throw it in my bag and go.

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    Shane Carruth

    A price I’d pay to get rid of the wires. Yes they connect to a wireless medium but they are still wires and a bear for clean up and setup. Being completely wireless could help with the setup and clean up. Even with my thermistors on my imanifold hoses secure, the excess still takes some time to setup and clean up. Even more time if I just throw it in my bag and go.
    Sorry for the double post didn’t see an option to edit.

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    If you made the sensor field replaceable that excuse can not be used. It is rather silly this system doesn’t have a wireless temperature clamp. testo, Sporlan and Fieldpiece all have wireless temperature clamps. I’m sure NPI could make one better than all three of them.

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    Kenny Carter

    I would have to agree with the other techs on this. I am co-owner of a company that has approximately 20 employees, and we have all gotten away from the standard manifold gauges in the last 12 to 18 months to try to do better and faster troubleshooting and installations with better tools. The changes we have made in that time is every truck now has a micron gauge with the 1/2″ vacuum rated hoses, temp and humidity tools, and some sort of digital pressure and temp clamps of some sort. We originally had purchased the Fieldpiece S-Man gauges, and the job link with a lot of accesories which was just too much to carry and bring to each call and way too time consuming. There were also way too many wires and hoses involved with the S-Man to the dual in duct psychrometer, and other items used with that kit. Thats when I started researching and kept seeing this guy name Jim Bergman everywhere on almost anything we searched for to do with HVAC, and found out that the Imanifold and the Iconnect was part of his and his teams, and Northparks baby. I figured it had to be good, but before I decided to pull the trigger and buy one I found out he was no longer a part of the project, and truthfully it scared the hell out of me to make that type of investment not knowing if the product would continue to get better or just kind of fade away. After much thought I decided not to purchase the product for all of my techs, but did purchase one for my partner and I to try out and would decide after that which way to go. That is where we are now, and to be perfectly honest with you and so you as a company will understand this which I am sure you have probably thought about it that the main reason we havent gone to Iconnect across the board yet is because of the temperature clamps or strap clamps or whatever you call them. The Iconnect is probably the best tool, and one of the most expensive tools that I have ever purchased for myself, and dont regret it one bit, BUT yes here is the but, I have only used it in the short time that I have owned it maybe 3 or 4 times, and a couple of those was trying it out on my own system. The main reason is because of the temp strap/clamps. The idea that they technically are wireless is the same as saying the Fieldpiece S-man and previous kit with all of the components is wireless because they transmit to the job link and then your phone or tablet. That is a total crap way of calling your stuff wireless. I agree that the clamps and the strap clamps are very accurate, and that if it has to be wired that it is probably the best wired clamps because of how long that they are and the type of soft rubbery jacket around the wire, but if it is possible to make them totally wireless with a zigbee radio installed that more people then you think would go for that option. I know i would be willing to pay more for it to be wireless. Face it guys the techs and owners arent buying this project because of the price. They are buying it because of the ease of setup, and the quality of the product. I use my sporlan set instead of the Iconnect probably 20 to 1 because of that reason. Take a poll and see who actually uses the product and see how many would be willing to pay more for wireless. Just maybe offer it as an option, and I think you will be very surprised at how many you sell.

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    Bill Northrup

    Hello Kenny,

    Thank you for the thoughtfully created response and input. We really appreciate the time you spent putting your thoughts together. While we can’t comment on the departure of Jim and some of the team members that built the iManifold what I can tell you is we have a highly qualified and engaged team on both the hardware and software side of our product development. Over the next several months we will be releasing additional hardware and software for our platform. As far as your request for a clamping thermistor we will certainly look into the cost/benifit and come back to you with what we find. If you have time please give me a call 716 699 8608 so I can bettere understand your use case.

    Again, think you for your input and I look forward to speaking with you.


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