Virtual iManifold Training

2017 Virtual Training Sessions 

Our popular series of virtual training courses cover a variety of technical topics to help users make the most out of the iManifold. Presented by Eric Urrutia, Nick Goode, Jason Obrzut, these live training sessions are interactive and Q&A is encouraged. See below for course details and registration information.

Full Summer Schedule (All times listed Eastern Time Zone)

We are planning our Fall Virtual Training Series for the iManifold, which will start in September.  Tell us which days and times are best for you:

Recordings of Virtual Training Session
Stay tuned for updates on virtual training sessions performed by our experienced team. Bookmark this page to stay up to date on our virtual training schedule and registration. View session descriptions below.

Navigating the iManifold App

In this training session, we will demonstrate application navigation including, system profiling, project setup, and basic reporting.



iManifold Start-Up

In this session, we will walk new users through an iManifiold start-up. We will cover initial out-of-box set-up including how to connect both wired and wireless probes as well as how to download the iManifold app on Android and iOS devices.


Tech Connect Live!

Watch a demonstration of how any tech in the field can connect with their boss or senior tech for advice with their technical situation.


Advanced Reporting

In this session, learn and understand the value of the reports available to you with your iManifold cloud subscription.



How to Make Money With the iManifold Platform

This popular training explains to the business owner how investing in the iManifold platform will bring a high return on investment.