App Release Notes

0.9.4 “Newt” (11/7/2016)

Release the Newt

Release the Newt

“Newt” in 0.9.4
  • Gas Furnace Check updates
  • Evacuation Tests for BluVac micron/vacuum gauge support added to Quick Tests and Testing & Performance in Projects
  • A bunch of other ‘newt’ things
  • Ate a few bugs.



0.9.3 “Meerkat” (9/28/2016)

Meerkat Release

Release the Meerkat

New in 0.9.3
  • Check for more problems in troubleshooting.
  • Updates to Dehumidification section in System Performance.
  • New Gas Furnace Checklist section.
  • Updates to Gas Furnace report.
  • A few additional minor tweaks.



0.9.2 “Lynx” (9/13/2016)


Release the Lynx

New in 0.9.2
  • New troubleshooting flags added for superheat and subcooling.
  • Comments now show on all reports.
  • Longer descriptions can be added to photos on the iManifold Report PRO.
  • Updates to core gas furnace features.
  • Results of gas meter clocking can be added to projects.
  • And many more small updates here and there!

0.9.1 “Komodo Dragon” (8/1/2016)

Release the Komodo Dragon

Release the Komodo Dragon

New in 0.9.1
  • New firmware update which improves the quality of the wireless probes ZigBee network.
  • New troubleshooting flag for wireless probes incorrectly placed.
  • Updates to Redfish Meter intrgration with Electrical measurements.
  • Updates to Mechanical Checklist for gas furnace combustion analysis.

0.9.0 “Jaguar” (7/18/2016)

Release the Jaguar

Release the Jaguar

New in 0.9.0
  • Brand New Report! Equipment Replacement. Compare current equipment operation against completely replacing the system to show your customer their best options.
  • Brand New Report! Annualized Savings. Compare measurements before and after in this report to show improvement in system operation after servicing equipment.
  • Additional fields added to the Mechanical Checklist.
  • New app icon and splash screen and updates to various other graphics.
  • Updates to many core components.

0.8.15 & 0.8.14 “Iguana” (4/22/2016 & 4/10/2016)

Iguana Public Domain Image

Iguana Public Domain Image

New in 0.8.15 & 0.8.14
  • VeriFied™ electrical measurement optimizations
  • Improvements made to projects & reporting
  • Miscellaneous other optimizations and improvements

0.8.13 “Hawk” (3/16/2016)


Hawk Public Domain Image

New in 0.8.13
  • Get VeriFied electrical measurements
  • Improvements made to wireless probe mapping
  • Improvements made to projects & reporting
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and improvements



0.8.12 & 0.8.11 “Giraffe” (2/17/2016 & 2/8/2016)


Giraffe Public Domain Image

New in 0.8.12
  • Update to projects & reporting rated BTUs
New in 0.8.11:
  • Wireless Humidity Probe now mappable to outdoor air
  • Wireless Manometer improvements
  • Wireless Pressure Probes: Swap default T1 for Suction Line Temp. and Liquid Line Temp with T2
  • Minor changes to performance screen
  • Updates to the main gauge screen
  • Miscellaneous improvements and workflow optimizations


0.8.10 “Flamingo” (1/15/2016)



New in 0.8.10:
  • Heat Pump in Heating Mode Support
  • AHRI Directory Search (account required)
  • Energy Star Commissioning Checklist
  • True Flow Grid Support
  • New fields for equipment
  • More organized performance screen
  • Workflow Optimizations


0.8.9 “Elephant” (10/14/2015)

Elephant Public Domain Image

Elephant Public Domain Image

New in 0.8.9:
  • Android performance improvements
  • iManifold Cloud Sync: Save customer and equipment information to the cloud. Use this data to prepopulate future projects.
  • Equipment geolocation: Search for equipment near you to prepopulate new projects.
  • Customer search and Equipment search.
  • Full support for wireless manometer including ability to capture, trend, and show static pressures on reports.
  • Many workflow optimizations added.


0.8.8 & 0.8.7 “Dragonfly” (9/1/2015 & 8/24/2015)

Dragonfly closeup taken at Bures Lake, Suffolk, UK

Dragonfly closeup taken at Bures Lake, Suffolk, UK

New in 0.8.8:
  • Search filter added to projects and refrigerants
  • New firmware for iManifold and iConnect (only required for use of wireless manometer)
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes
New In 0.8.7:
  • Stability indicators when connected to a live system
  • Warning message on taking system snapshots if system is not stable
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes


0.8.6 “Coyote” (8/6/2015)


National Park Service

New In 0.8.6:
  • New reports: iManifold Report Pro, Charge & Airflow and Mechanical Inspection Checklist
  • New feature! Mechanical inspection checklist within each project
  • Add logo and marketing message & equipment photo or map of equipment to new types of reports
  • Generated reports are now saved to the project and can be viewed in the app
  • New snapshot workflow with ability to take test in & test out snapshots
  • New fields added to equipment information
  • Updated system performance section


0.8.5 & 0.8.4 “Bandicoot” (5/22/2015 & 5/7/2015)

New In 0.8.5:
  • Barcode scanner within VeriFi Projects
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and updates
New In 0.8.4:
  • Updates to geotagging
  • Profiling Integrated into VeriFi Projects
  • Ability to take equipment photo and save to VeriFi Project on the device
  • Helpful notifications while connected to iManifold or iConnect
  • Improvements to the iConnect user experience
  • New manufacturers added to selection list
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and updates


0.8.3 “Armadillo” (4/12/2015)

New In 0.8.3:
  • New icons for troubleshooting that show the system is operating normally or has critical problems
  • VeriFi Projects reporting updates
  • Wireless Probes updates
  • Trending updates
  • Miscellaneous optimizations and updates


0.8.2 (4/9/2015)

New In 0.8.2:
  • Save VeriFi Projects to device
  • Geotagging in reporting
  • Equipment Information section added to reporting
  • Menus and select headings translated to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, & Chinese (simplified)
  • iConnect-specific enhancements
  • Wireless Probes enhancements
  • New Active Pressures slide on main screen for active SLT, LLT, DLT and ODA
  • New troubleshooting features including voltage imbalance, estimated vs measured airflow, and additional TXV problem flags
  • Record static pressures in new user inputs section
  • Over 20 other miscellaneous improvements and features


0.8.1 (2/28/2015)

New In 0.8.1:
  • Generate PDF reports directly in app for export to e-mail or other apps
  • Performance updates
  • Other miscellaneous updates and improvements


0.8.0 (2/6/2015)

New In 0.8.0:
  • Performance updates
  • Multi-circuit high and low pressure linking
  • Other miscellaneous updates and improvements


0.7.3 (1/8/2015)

New In 0.7.3:
  • Updates to Heat Pump: Heating Mode
  • International support for head pressure controls
  • International support for Quick Tests
  • Export reporting data to CSV file


0.7.2 (12/11/2014)

New In 0.7.2:
  • Heating season features.
  • Wireless Probes: The auxilliary temperature ports can now be mapped to outdoor air, suction line, liquid line, discharge line, return air dry bulb, and supply air dry bulb.
  • Quick Tests section added.
  • Clock Gas Meter: Easily select a dial and type of fuel and output Btu/hr of a furnace + turn on and off your flashlight right from this section!
  • Airflow Tests: Temperature Rise Method for either Gas or Electric heating.
  • New In Equipment Profiling:
    1. Refrigeration applications added to system types (example: Domestic Beer Cooler).
    2. Heat Pump: Heating mode added with COP calculation.
    3. Head Pressure Controls added.
    4. New types of metering devices added.
  • Miscellaneous other optimizations and improvements.


0.7.1 (10/31/2014)

New In 0.7.1:
  • New Firmware: Upgrade iManifold & iConnect firmware to version for BIG improvements to wireless probes.
  • iManifold Cloud: Store and sort reports for later retrieval along with other powerful features.
  • Tech Connect: Stream your readings or view readings from your technicians in the field, use quick contact options to easily get in touch.
  • New General Settings section.
  • Bluetooth Auto-Reconnect Options: Change from the default of 3 attempts to 6, 12, 20, continuous or turn this option off.
  • Auto-Restore: Save current entered data to your device and pick up right where you left off at a later time (off by default).
  • New splash screen


0.7.0 (10/14/2014)

New In 0.7.0:
  • iOS 8, iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus support.
  • New In Trending: Trend multiple datasets on one graph and trend data more easily.
  • New In Reporting: VeriFi checkmark for estimated airflow when using a humidity probe for return air and a humidity probe for supply air.
  • New In Profiling: Add nominal tonnage to the current session with Quick User Inputs, now available when creating or editing equipment profiles.
  • Bluetooth Auto-Reconnect.
  • Improvements to wireless probes.
  • Troubleshooting icon moved to a less obtrusive location.
  • More organized menus.
  • General improvements and optimizations.


0.6.1 (8/6/2014)

New In 0.6.1:
  • Wireless Pressure Probe Support: See wireless High Pressure, Suction Line
  • Temperature, Superheat, or wireless Low Pressure, Liquid Line Temperature and
  • Subcooling on the main display.
  • Wireless Temperature-Only/Repeater Probe Support: Extend range of probes and measure temperature differential.
  • Wireless probe enhancements
  • Trending Rate Additions: Trend at 30 second or 60 second intervals
  • Additional optimizations and improvements


0.6.0 (7/24/2014)

New In 0.6.0:
  • Wireless Probes: Wireless probes take the iManifold completely to the next level. Realtime data acquisition and calculations make the iManifold more powerful and practical. The ability to calculate capacity, charing requirements, diagnose airflow issues, and find installation issues are only a few of the features that are unlocked with the wireless probes.
  • Benchmarking: Profiling is one of most important and innovative features of the iManifold. It’s not hard, but it does have a learning curve, especially when the system does not follow standard charging procedures. Benchmarking is simply a way of allowing the technician to follow the manufacturers commissioning instructions set up the system then in a push of a button record the actual design temperature difference of the evaporator and condenser, record the system superheat and subcooling and then use that information in the future to troubleshoot the equipment in the future. Instead of a standard profile, it allow an exact profile of the equipment to be developed and used.
  • Faster smoother operation: Several changes have been made to the application to better process the massive amounts of data that the iManifold manages.
  • Improved navigation features: The addition of user friendly icons to identify wired probes, airside measurements, performance, targets and wireless probes.
  • Expanded trends: you can now trend individual temperatures (T1-T4) as well as differential temperatures, BTU/Hr and temperature split.
  • Realtime data in the user input mode: This is a really cool feature. Readings that are streaming from the iManifold into the application are shown in bold and without a text box for user input. This allows you in the user input area to see exactly what you have to put into the app to get the most from it and greatly simplifies user input and the application use.


0.5.8 (5/26/2014)

New In 0.5.8:
  • Trending: View live data on innovative charts to analyze data in real-time
  • Flashlight can now be turned on and off from within the app
  • Ability to input Wet Bulb temperatures instead of Relative Humidity
  • Additional units of measure for airflow added
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Various other improvements and optimizations


0.5.7 (4/9/2014)

New In 0.5.7:
  • Reporting: Introducing VeriFi, a powerful new feature that allows you to record and email all system data
  • User & company information can now be saved to the app
  • Ability to add Custom DTD’s in Equipment Profiling
  • Dynamic altitude calculation and barometric pressure now visible in System Performance
  • New refrigerant: R417C
  • Various other improvements and optimizations


0.5.6 (3/17/2014)

New In 0.5.6:
  • Over-the-air firmware updates now supported
  • Dual differential temperature
  • Easier navigation of the user inputs
  • Battery life of the iManifold now appears
  • Improvements in probe mapping
  • Made the live measurements white and user inputs grey to make it easier to read
  • The ability to configure the iManifold, custom name it and adjust auto off time
  • Added several refrigerants and extended the saturation tables
  • Optimized performance
  • Expanded troubleshooting to include airflow diagnostics
  • Added in demo data for R22 and R410A systems


0.5.5 (2/11/2014)

New In 0.5.5:

Core Features

  • Green and Red troubleshooting flags for easier visibility
  • Quick Profiles Auto-Name Feature
  • Better, faster graphics
  • Vacuum readings on low side (user inputs)
  • Temperature split and target temperature split calculations
  • Package vs. Split functionality added to electrical user inputs
  • 3 Phase electrical calculations
  • New troubleshooting tips

iManifold Hardware Interface Features

  • Probes now go to dashes when unplugged
  • Reconnect button in notification
  • All values reset to starting point upon disconnection
  • Live reading values now change to a bright blue to signify they are connected

Other Notes: We also made many other minor improvements to the app. Thanks for sending in feature requests! Keep them coming!


0.5.4 (1/19/2014)

General optimizations



This release features Bluetooth support to connect the iManifold app to our iManifold product, coming March 2014. In addition to this, we’ve been making many different improvements to the app including units of measure being fully supported in Equipment Profiling, additional troubleshooting messages, additional user input fields for additional system performance measurements, miscellaneous bug fixes, and enhanced backward-compatibility with older operating systems.



This release adds several new features including units of measure support in user inputs, better notifications, new alerts and confirmation boxes, kW in system performance, better profiling workflow, and a new measurement panel screen for quick review of Tonnage, BTU/hr, kW and EER. We’ve also fixed the ability to create new quick profiles, edit them and delete them as well as other bug fixes and optimizations throughout the app.

Note: We’ve made this app available worldwide, however it is currently presented in an English-only format. New language translations will be added in future updates as we move forward. The profiling screens still only support English units of measure, but will soon support all units presented within the app.



General optimizations



Initial release. This is the first release of the iManifold app. It is can still be considered as a “beta” release as new features are still in the process of being implemented. Units of measure, for example, currently only updates the main iManifold screen. This will soon be updated to extend across the entire app.