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Pile of Digital Gauges

Beyond simple measurements... True diagnostics

The iManifold® system doesn't just take measurements, it analyzes, interprets and suggests how to fix problems.

Beyond superheat & subcooling... True performance

The iManifold® system not only calculates superheat & subcooling, it calculates the capacity and EER.

Beyond basic sharing of information... True connectivity

The iManifold® system allows sharing of live measurements from the field to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Beyond Digital

When we say beyond digital, we really mean it! Not to say that there are no benefits to digital instruments over analog because there surely are when it comes to accuracy, repeat-ability , and ease of use, but aside from that, aside from some pretty basic calculations, that is all digital has to offer. You, your technicians or both are carrying upwards–in some cases–of a $600-$800 computer in your pocket. That smart phone or tablet can be used for a lot more. Leverage that processing, reporting and Geo-tagging power with the iManifold application. We don’t believe that you invested in that technology so your employees could check their fantasy football standings. Let’s use it to generate profit!

iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android

Beyond the Needle

What does the needle really tell you? Ask your technicians what the pressures should be before they measure them and you will likely get a deer in the headlights stare. But what good is any measurement if you don’t know what it should be before you make it? This is where the iManifold® is again not only beyond analog, but beyond any other digital gauge on the market today. When a system is profiled with the iManifold® system, your smart device will not only show you what the readings are, but also what they should be. This feature allows for faster troubleshooting, more accurate verification of system performance, and on-board diagnostics that make less seasoned technicians better at their job—and an experienced technician even faster and more productive.

Target Indicators

Beyond The Digital Display

What lies beyond digital is true system performance. System performance is not measured by superheat and subcooling alone. The iManifold® platform measures airflow, total BTU’s, sensible BTU’s and latent BTU capacity. It is the first manifold system in the world to display BTUh and Tons. With the input of volts and amps it measures EER and COP showing not only if the system is operating as it was engineered, but also that it is operating at the efficiency that it was designed for.


Beyond your Typical Sensor Technology

Every decision that you make is based upon a measurement. Let’s face it; equipment should operate the same in the field as it did in the lab. That said, if you cannot make lab quality measurements, how could you ever expect the equipment that you commission to operate at peak capacity and efficiency? The iManifold® uses state of the art sensor technology. Compensated for temperature, barometric pressure, super accurate and super rugged, it is lab quality instrumentation designed for use in the field.

Beyond Phone Support

Good technicians are getting harder to find, and our best technicians are already stretched thin to provide the phone support needed to help your less experienced technicians on the job. Countless hours are wasted relaying readings and trying to explain system operation over the phone. The iManifold® with Tech Connect* can change the way this tedious task is completed. With voice, video and chat support along with all of the readings from the field almost live, your lead technicians can support your less experienced staff without ever leaving the job or the office to provide that helping hand.

Tech Connect Remote Support

Beyond a Pencil and Paper Report

Getting good data from the field to your customers is paramount in the operation of any successful sales organization. You customer needs that data to make a good decision on service sales, new equipment purchases, or if nothing else to decide if your organization is providing value for the services they perform. Providing that data in a format that the customer will appreciate and understand might seem difficult if not altogether impossible. The iManifold® not only can provide this data, it can do it with unsurpassed accuracy and in a fraction of the time it would take to write it out. The iManifold® system provides clear, visually pleasing, understandable reports that will open a positive dialog between the field service technician or installer and your customer, clearly communicating the value your organization brings to the table.

Beyond a Single Point of Data

Trending is one of the more powerful features of the iManifold®. Think about it, once the system starts, everything is always changing. System operation is a dynamic thing. Trending every reading from the suction pressure to the temperature split allows a technician to identify hidden problems with system operation that may not be evident from a single set of readings. From an expansion valve hunting to head pressure that is constantly on the rise, the trending feature will allow you to identify trends that might otherwise be overlooked, preventing potential callbacks.

Trending with the iManifold system

Beyond the competition... Everything else is just a calculator