iManifold Cloud Solutions

Data is power, and iManifold® offers a true data access cloud solution.

iManifold Cloud is a simple to use, affordable and scalable solution to cloud storage and cloud related services. iManifold Cloud gives all of your technicians the power of access to the same data, increasing productivity and providing a portal for the ultimate technician support platform, iManifold Tech Connect™.



Reduced call backs
Uniform service and installation processes
Lightning fast field technical support
Huge productivity gains


Reduced warranty claims
Increased brand satisfaction through optimal operation
Delivery of engineered efficiency
Access to quality field data


Increased contractor satisfaction
Reduced travel for support
Reduced warranty claim processing
Increased equipment sales

ESCO / Utility

Verified field data
3rd party verification without travel
Easy integration by .csv export
Rock solid software and hardware

Support – Tech Connect™

Remotely view a live
version of what your technicians
are seeing in the field.


Verification in Field (VeriFi™)
assures that the data reported is the
actual data measured in the field.


All reports include your company, customer and equipment information as well as measurement data collected.