Data Logging

The latest feature added by popular demand: Data Logging! Sample it free by downloading the Data Logging App; get the full functionality with your iManifold Pro+ Subscription.

Big News

Data logging is now available for your iManifold system. Data logging records and stores live data into the system, so you can review it later for analysis. This Data Logging App now runs on Windows, Android and iOS!

For better fault detection when a system is acting up when the technician is right there, data logging allows you to see how the system is running over a period of time. You can use all the data you are storing for custom calculations or to show your client the situation.

With data logging, custom mapping of the probes is now available, to allow the tech to perform multiple super-heat, multiple sub-cooling measurements as well as voltage, amperage and EER (with the use of the UEI DL429 Bluetooth Clamp Meter.)

1. As an existing iManifold Pro+ subscriber, all you do is download the App, log your data, then view your data.
2. If you are not an iManifold Pro+ subscriber yet, you can sign up free from the Data Logging App and preview your sample data.

Use the full power of data logging,

which is included with your iManifold Pro+Subscription.

Testimonials on Data Logging

Jason from Degree of Comfort in Florida says:
On several commercial accounts, the customer usually ends up waiting for a unit to stop working before they will consider replacing it. With data logging, I will be able to prove a unit will fail before it happens. This will allow me to save the customer much frustration, and loss of product. This will translate to additional sales done on our terms and not in a rush (…a rush job is never advantageous for our company or our customers.)

Ken from Bendall Properties in Alabama says:
With logging you will be able to go and do other tasks. I have 96 units in one location when logging one unit I can go clean 2 or 3 units and not miss any data needed to make the correct the job at hand.

John from Manitoba, Canada says:
We have been looking for a good data logging system for a long time. I’ve had 2 rooftop units in the last 2 years that had intermittent but very regular lockouts due to freeze stat. We spent many days and evenings monitoring the system to finally catch the issue in person. (Building control issue causing the economizers to open and force on both stages of mechanical cooling). If my iManifold had had a data logger, we could have found that issue in a single trip/cycle.