iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”)


iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) gives you the ability to use wireless probes capture all important system data.

What Is iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) ?

We developed the iManifold 900C wireless because when we were locked into a 200 foot range, it was difficult to provide our customers with the best, quickest service. Powered by the same smart-core electronics, you can use up to 12 of our advanced wireless probes to capture data you need to accurately diagnose HVAC systems.

  • Eliminate manual calculations
  • Use wireless or wired probes
  • Easy to use iConnect app
  • Cut back on multiple visits

iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) App

Our iManifold 900C App works with the iManifold and is easily found on the Apple App Store of Google Play Store. Since most on-site technicians have their smartphone or tablet with them, additional electronics aren't needed and remote viewing of your readings are available wherever there is internet connectivity through Tech Connect. Within the iiManifold 900C App, you and your technicians are easily able to:

  • Locate over 40 refrigerant profiles
  • View all 12 probes on a single display
  • Send PDF reports
  • View onboard help and how-to videos
  • Calculate system performance

Leveraging years of HVAC experience coupled with extensive feedback,

iManifold introduces the iManifold 900C, the next generation of measurement technology.

iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) Features

  • Wired and wireless probe options
  • Long range wireless Zigbee probes available
  • Bluetooth connection to smart devices for constant connection
  • Innovative rail system for probe storage
  • Connect and read up to 12 probes
  • Receive 52 measurements at one time

iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) Specifications

  • Use with 4 wired or 12 wireless probes
  • Requires 6 AA batteries
  • Weighs 1lb.
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Bluetooth required
  • Compatability with iPhone 4s or higher, iPad 3 or higher, Android 4.1 or higher
  • Over the air firmware and application upgradeable
  • Part No. 900C iConnect