iManifold Kits give you the power to build your toolbox with whatever tools you need.

HVAC Starter Kit

After training, during your apprenticeship, and beyond, an iConnect Kit will allow you to accurately test and measure a wide variety of vital statistics for your job. As you grow with a company or become busier with repeat clients, you can add additional components to your toolkit to help gather the information more easily through our iConnect offering. Deciding which product, iManifold or iConnect, will work best for you depends on what you hope to accomplish with each job. We offer many different choices in kits because each technician and situation is unique.

iManifold Kits

HVAC tool kits range in a wide variety of prices but for something that you'll rely on for accurate information, investing in a piece of technology that will ensure in the most accurate results should be an area where you don't price skimp. When you purchase an iManifold kit, you will get our 900M wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold that will save you hours of time by eliminating the need for manual calculations while presenting the data in an easy to read format all on your smart device.

iManifold or iConnect?

You can choose which system works best for your business with our toolkits.

iConnect Kits

Purchasing one of our iConnect kits gives you one of the best rated digital ac manifold gauge set used across the country. Our wireless measurement tool can collect up to 52 different measurements in real-time by using up to 12 of our wireless probes. Depending on the extent of your jobs, you can purchase the probes you need specifically for your scope of jobs. Starting with the Basic Performance Test Kit 925C, you can start learning how the iConnect can change how you get the job done.

Extending Kits

One of the important parts of HVAC is being able to improve and grow your book of business. As you become more renowned and more successful, the ability to add to your HVAC tool kit is easy by purchasing only the pieces you need. When we designed our wireless probes we took advantage of the high-power radio within the handle to get the most information per probe so instead of purchasing three probes; you only need one. It saves you money and lightens your toolbox load.