Replacement Parts

Built to last a long time, our iManifold can be updated with new, replacement parts.

Two-Year Warranty

We know you love using your iManifold but sometimes that tough love takes a toll. The iManifold and iConnect were both built to withstand rugged conditions, but even the most careful technician can get into tight spaces. That is why we've given our iManifold and iConnect 2-year limited warranties. Ensuring you've taken the time to fill out the warranty paperwork before 30 days have elapsed from purchase, will help ensure that your new favorite HVAC tool is prepared for whatever may come your way.

Replacement Circuit Boards

Because our products run on smart technology, the most expensive part of your tools is going to be the circuit board. This circuit board is essential to the process of the iManifold, iConnect, and wireless probes. We've put a lot of time, dedication, and development into our iManifold parts and want to ensure that if something does go wrong, you can get up and running quickly. We offer iManifold replacement parts like circuit boards, to handle the tough love you've shown your system:

Invest In The Best

iManifold and iConnect offer replacement parts to ensure the continued use of your new, favorite HVAC tool.

Replacement HVAC Hoses

The use of hoses with our iManifold is necessary for the proper data and measurements. We've developed these high-grade, low loss ball valve shut-off hoses to offer complete vacuum and a secure connection to your iManifold. We firmly believe that these hoses make a difference in using your iManifold and getting the most accurate results for your clients. Wear and tear are expected after use, so we offer replacement HVAC hoses to ensure total seals in the iManifold ports.