Wired Probes

iManifold’s comprehensive selection of Cooper-Atkins accessories are built to last for your temperature measurements.

Wired Thermistor Probes

iManifold offers a broad range of accessories by Cooper-Atkins, specifically designed to offer our customer’s premium wired probes, thermistor probes, thermistor air probes, and thermistor puncture probes. Cooper-Atkins’ accessories measure pipe surface temperatures to maintain the health and safety of your system. Extension cables and immersion/insertion-friendly probes are available to offer you a comprehensive selection.

Why iManifold?

Maintaining your system’s health and long-term success comes down to using the best resources available—luckily for our clients, iManifold only offers the best. For comprehensive wired probe solutions that help your system with real-time accurate measurements, choose iManifold.

The EPA Has Calculated That 70% of HVAC Units

have improper airflow or an improper charge. Using the proper tools can fix this problem.

Thermistor Probes Selection

Thermistor Pipe Strap Surface Probe

  • Perfect tool to measure pipe surface temperature.
  • Temperature range: -25⁰ to 212⁰F (-32⁰ to 100⁰C)
  • Quick and easy installation, patented design
  • 8” elastic strap

Thermistor Air Probe (0.5”) with 4” cord and 12’ cord

  • Temperature range: -40⁰ to 200⁰F (-40⁰ to 93⁰C)

Thermistor Puncture Probe

  • 3.5” General Purpose Thermistor Puncture Probe
  • Used to measure temperatures by insertion or immersion
  • Temperature range: -40⁰ to 300⁰F (-40⁰ to 149⁰ C)
  • 6 ft. cable (uncoiled)

Additional Probes

Thermistor Pipe Clamp Surface Probe

  • Obtains fast and accurate temperature measurements of pipe surfaces in diameter up to 1-3/8” (3.5 cm)
  • Temperature range: -14⁰ to 212⁰F (-10⁰ to 100⁰C)

Thermistor Extension Cable, 10 ft.

  • Allows operator to extend certain leads depending on use and location
  • Compatible with any thermistor probe

Thermistor Extension Cable, 50 ft.

  • High-quality extension cable that accurately sends temperature readings to display
  • Compatible with any thermistor probe