Wireless Probes

iManifold Wireless Probes

When you're required to bring your own tools to each job, why work harder? Wireless probes make your job easier and let the tools work for you. Each of our iManifold wireless probes has the ability to transmit 3-4 data points, wirelessly from a remote location to North Park Innovations' iManifold device.

When used with a repeater, your technicians will be able to increase the overall transmission distance while still being able to get accurate readings. We've developed our wireless probes with a magnetic handle that will stay in place on a sheet metal duct so you can focus on ensuring your technology is up and running properly. With a wide variety of wireless options for the iManifold, see how the proper tools can simplify any job while ensuring high accuracy and resolution.

Temperature and Humidity Probe

Our humidity sensor probe offers multiple data points all with the use of wireless data transmission. Get multiple data points like air temperature, air relative humidity, and two channels of temperature

Adding additional accessory pipe probe and air probe allows for the calculation of superheat and temperature split for fixed metering devices. Unlike other test lead probes, our wireless meter probes do the calculations for you as well as store the information in the iManifold Cloud. When used with a second 911-M, additional calculations are easy to measure without any additional math.

  • Total capacity (BTUh)
  • Sensible capacity
  • Latent capacity

Dehumidification and temperature split are also calculated in realtime when you input airflow. If you input the electrical current and voltage being used, the iManifold App will calculate the EER as well. It's easy to see how our humidity sensor probe will make your life much easier when it comes to getting the proper data analytics from an HVAC system.

Wireless Probes Offer 4x The Data Information

When using wireless probes you easily get 4 times the data information per probe for a full suite of temperature and humidity information.

Pressure Probes and Repeaters

The pressure of a system is essential to finding the most accurate data and with our low pressure probe and high pressure probe, you are able to combined this innovative technology to gain insight to essential information for diagnostics.

Low Pressure & Temperature Repeater

  • Transmit up to 3 data points including pressure and temperature
  • Evaporator superheat and shadow box temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Low pressure

High Pressure & Temperature Repeater

  • Transmit up to 3 data points including pressure and temperature
  • Liquid sub-cooling
  • Discharge superheat
  • Oil pressure

Dual-Port Manometer and Repeater

Our Dual-Port Manometer can used as probe or repeater in tandum with our Imperial iManifold System. Designed for extreme accuracy and resolution, you and your technicians will save time by never having to zero out their instruments and still receive accurate information and measurements. With our high resolution Wireless Manometer, it is easy to measure multiple data points like:

  • Total external static pressure (TESP)
  • Return static
  • Supply static
  • Zone pressures
  • Draft

Velocity pressure readings in duct systems can be measured with a Pitot tube provided by your technicians. What makes our wireless meter probes unique is the mass flow technology automatically compensates for changes in air density and displays results equivalent to sea level.