Works With iManifold

Get the extra tools you need to get the job done right with your iManifold.

Redfish Digital Multimeter

We are proud to partner with Redfish Instruments and their Bluetooth multimeters for a more comprehensive look at your digital readings with iManifold. It's easy to add wireless, automatic readings to your iManifold App with iDVM multimeters. Enabled for use with iOS and Android, this multimeter is easy to use and plugs right into your iManifold for easy to read accurate measurements. Data is easily emailed and uploaded to share with your team or a client. You can even have your measured values spoken if your hands are occupied with other tasks.

Amp Clamp for Redfish Multimeter

For use with the Redfish iDVM-500, this Amp Clamp will add automatic amperage readings to your iManifold App when used in tandem with the iDVM 333. With no need to break the circuit, this clamp measures current in AC millivolts and can fit in tight places. Even when the clamp is wedge between hardware, the display on the meter is still easy to see. Features of the iDVM 333 include:

  • Jaws that detect AC current flowing through conductor
  • Selectable sensitivity between 1mV/A - 10mV/A
  • Handguard
  • Easy to use trigger to open jaws

Our iManifold works with other HVAC tools

We've developed the iManifold to work in conjecture with top-of-the-line products from Redfish and True RMS

UEI DL429 True RMS Clamp-On Meter

In keeping with our wireless offerings, the UEI DL429 offers the ability to wirelessly transmit data to your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices without the hassle of wires. Built to withstand the hard day to day work of a technician, the ability to wirelessly save and send information works well for passing information from the field to the office. This advanced clamp meter can measure:

  • Differential Temperature
  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Frequency
  • Duty Cycle

BluVac Bluetooth Digital Micron Gauge A10702

Your old micron gauges have nothing on the BluVac Bluetooth Digital Micron Gauge A10702! All issues have been addressed within this one field-ready tool. The ability to get direct accurate measurements, total calibration, and omit the guess work on oil contamination, this iManifold product will increase your productivity and answer all your questions with a detailed report of the evacuation test. The Digital Micron Gauge A10702 includes:

  • Rise-Time Analyzer
  • Connects to Apple and Android products
  • Detailed final evacuation testing report