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Buck Taylor Joins iManifold Team

Industry Leader Buck Taylor Joins the iManifold Team

April 25, 2017:  Ellicottville, NY:  North Park Innovations Group, Inc. announced today that Buck Taylor from Roltay Inc. Energy Services has joined their team to lead the iManifold platform development.  Buck brings a wealth of experience in the HVAC industry, from decades of working with diagnostic software, instrumentation providers, OEMs, federal agencies, utilities, energy service providers and contractors.

Buck Taylor grew up in his family’s contracting business.  This led him to develop and manage his first large utility-sponsored HVAC tune-up and replacement program.  From this start, he has worked with thousands of HVAC contractors over the past 25 years.  Buck has written code, trained, sold and supported HVAC software platforms over those decades, and currently supports energy service contractors for utility company programs.

Buck states “Ever since I was originally asked to provide some of the early algorithms that were used in the iManifold development, I have seen this product platform as the natural evolution and foundation for HVAC contractors in the 21st century.   I am earnestly excited about this opportunity to work on the development of this platform.”

“We are very pleased to have someone of Buck Taylor’s expertise join us at North Park Innovations,” says Bill Northrup, CEO.   “We view his decision to join our team as a sign of our commitment to being the leading HVAC diagnostic data provider in our industry.  We looked for an addition to our team who would fit with our standards of innovation backed with exceptional service, and we are very fortunate that we were able to find someone of Buck’s caliber to fulfill this role.”

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North Park Innovations Group, Inc. introduced the iManifold, a revolutionary, award-winning digital manifold. The iManifold platform allows HVAC contractors to more accurately and quickly read data and diagnose system issues, while providing suggestions on how to fix problems. The iManifold also comes with a free basic app.  Additional options allow for easy sharing and better connectivity between technicians, and custom reporting providing faster reporting and greater accuracy.   See for further product info.