916M Single Circuit Pro Kit


This kit is ideal for residential, light commercial & refrigeration, allowing the tech to measure multiple line temperatures in different locations to make diagnostics quicker and easier.  For example, you can view liquid line temperature at evaporator & liquid line temperature at condenser on the same screen with the probes provided. The base unit is a 900C Intelligent Hub, where you need extra range connectivity, up to 1,200 feet, to be more mobile.


  • (1) 900M iManifold Wireless Digital Refrigeration Manifold
  • (2) 905M Thermistor Pipe Clamp Surface Probe with 12’ cord
  • (4) 901M Thermistor Strap Surface Probe with 12’ cord
  • (1) 902M Thermistor Outdoor Air Probe with 4” cord
  • (1) 921M Wireless Manometer Probe
  • (1) 912M Repeater & Temperature Probe
  • (3) 911M Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe
  • (1) PSM-02 Magnetic Probe Sleeve, set of 2
  • (1) 955MRS 5’ Hose Set w/Ball Valve Shut-Off
  • (2) 921PT Magnetic Pitot Tube
  • (1) BP-17 iManifold Backpack


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