Get the extreme accuracy, extensive reporting, and advanced system diagnostics that will allow you to get the job done right. Share your data while in the field for trouble-shooting and use our special reporting tools to communicate to your customer the high-quality work done and recommended equipment repairs or upgrades.

Imanifold Interior Icons Residential Hvac | IManifold

Residential HVAC

Eliminating the need for remember unique system statistics with our on-board diagnosis.

Imanifold Interior Icons Commercial Industrial | IManifold

Commercial & Industrial

Replace your mechanical manifold and accommodate simple and complex systems.

Imanifold Interior Icons Low Temp Refrigeration | IManifold

Low Temp Refrigeration

Easily monitor evaporator and total superheat with our low temp probes.

Imanifold Interior Icons Imanifold Cloud | IManifold

iManifold Pro+

Easy to use, affordable, and scalable with access to all your data for increased productivity.

Imanifold Interior Icons Discover The Difference | IManifold

Discover the Difference

Beyond simple measurements. Beyond superheat and subcooling. Beyond basic information sharing.

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ROI Calculator

Increase profits with iManifold.