Discover the Difference

The difference iManifold offers will set you apart from the competition.

Great Range

Modular and expandable, our Zigbee mesh network of wireless probes outperforms all Bluetooth solutions by talking probe to probe, or probe to your iManifold® or iConnect®. Using this cutting- edge technology, the signal can be repeated and transmitted to almost unlimited distances.

Top Quality Sensors

Manufactured in Switzerland (not in China!) our sensors don’t need calibrating and give you exact measurements.

Get Beyond The Basics

The iManifold platform offers over fifty points of data at your fingertips.

Cloud Data, Analytics, Reporting, and Data Logging

No other digital manifold includes this full system to help the technician, the business owner, the property owner and the back-office.

Beyond Basic Sharing

The iManifold Pro+ allows sharing your measurements from the field to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Technology has expanded our industry and has given us the power to access all data across the field, increase productivity, and provide a portal for ultimate technician support within our iManifold Tech Connect platform.