iManifold Pro+™ (previously named iManifold Cloud)

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How It Works

How do you access all of your data when you are off-site? It's easy when you use the iManifold Pro+™. Each of your technicians will be able to submit their data for permanent storage that can be available anytime, anywhere. Each user also gets:

  • Registration for up to 3 devices
  • Add or remove devices as needed
  • Use of the iManifold App
  • Access to Tech Connect

iManifold Reports

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The iManifold Pro+™ offers Cloud reporting solutions for your in-field generated reports. Each of these reports can include:

  • Company information including logo
  • Customer information
  • Equipment information
  • Measurement data collected

Each measured data field gathered will receive a "VeriFi Checkmark" for easy clarification and matched within the report. The Cloud and App version of the reports are easily generated and can be emailed, stored, and printed from your iManifold Pro+™ account.

Get Unlimited Access to the iManifold Pro+™

Sync job information, save reports, and access tech connect.

iManifold Pro+™ Dashboard

When you log in to your iManifold Pro+™ Dashboard, additional features will be available to view and download past iManifold Cloud Reports and manage your account.

  • View and print the iManifold Reports
  • Sort reports by customer
  • Sort reports by date

Where Techs Connect

Even on-location technicians can get the support they need with our Where Techs Connect access. Get a live streaming video of what your technicians are seeing in the field right on your smartphone or laptop. This real-time data allows you to communicate with your field reps via Skype and FaceTime so you can analyze the data together, eliminating the guesswork. Lead technicians and managers can help problem solve together to avoid call-back visits providing you with a larger ROI.