Low Temp Refrigeration

State of the art sensor technology will give you the answers you need and results you deserve.

Monitor Multiple Compressors

There's no need to invest in additional tools with expensive add-ons. Your technicians will now be able to monitor multiple compressors at one time all from one digital refrigerant manifold. Utilizing the digital refrigeration gauges in tandem with the iManifold Pro+ gives you the power to get an overhead, total view of multiple units easily.

Monitor Evaporator & Total Superheat

When using the iManifold electronic refrigerant gauges, you're able to monitor evaporator superheat plus suction line superheat for total superheat statistics. Cut down on service times and get more accurate results all while lightening your toolbox with the use of just one tool - the iManifold.

Changing Refrigerant?

Depend on iManifold for proper calculations with the best electronic refrigerant gauges used in-field and on-site.

Automatic Airflow Calculation

When calculations are done by hand, there is a lot of room for human error. Even expert technicians can mess up tricky calculations. But when you put the iManifold to use, anyone in the field can calculate automatic airflow and help customers see what equipment is needed for proper ventilation.

Monitor Multiple Stages

One or two statistics don't determine system performance - many more measurements are needed for performance analytics. True system analyzing requires measuring multiple measurements and facts. When you can monitor all of these stages at the same time, you cut down on time, human error, and receive accurate results for future troubleshooting.