Virtual Training

Our popular series of virtual training courses cover a variety of technical topics to help users make the most out of the iManifold. Presented by Eric Urrutia, Nick Goode, Jason Obrzut, these live training sessions are interactive and Q&A is encouraged. See below for course details and registration information.

You can watch the App 2.0 Overview Webinar Here!

Virtual Training Classes:

Tuesday, December 11:
Getting Started with iManifold!
-Sign in or Sign up
-How to change your password
-when Internet Connection is required
-Auto Sync
-Connect to iManifold
-How to customize your Probe Mapping
-Profile Managment

Thursday, December 13:
Deep Dive into Gauge Screens, Trending and Data Logging!

Thursday, December 20:
It’s Heating Season!
-Test In/Test Out
-Clock Gas Meter Furnace Checklist
-Furniture Temperature Rise
-Gas Furnace Checklist Report

Thursday, January 3:
Low Temp Profiling & More!
-Refrigeration Profiling
-Refrigerant Selection
-Generate Reports

Click the link below to sign up!

Recordings of Past Virtual Training Sessions

  • Starting Up With the iManifold & iConnect
    • How to Make Money with the iManifold Platform
    • iManifold Advanced Reporting
    • Equipment Profiling & Proper Probe Placement
    • How to Use the UEI Multi-meter with your iManifold platform
    • Data Logging with the iManifold
    • TRANE Installation Commissioning Reports