See what other HVAC professionals are saying about iManifold!


“Services calls take 50% less time to get the job done!”

– Tim S., Titan Mechanical Services

“Using the iManifold system reduced our return calls by 90%.”

– South-Central USA Contractor


“Because if you’re not testing, you’re guessing!”

– D. Stanfield, Chiles Propane, LLC

“Thank you for providing such a powerful tool to our industry!”

– D. Coleman, S & D Pro Heat & Air Co.

"The best gift my boss ever gave me."

- Roy H., Bay Area Air Conditioning

Training Ready

“I use the iManifold for training apprentices.”

– Joseph C., Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 265

“It’s like having a Free Helper with you at all times…amazing!”

– Tim S., Titan Mechanical Services

Extreme Customer Service

“Makes my customers happy and my equipment runs more efficiently.”

– Norman M., Melbourne AC Services

“Love the connectivity and reports I can generate.”

– Francisco D., Delta Temp Air Conditioning