iManifold Pro+™ driven by iManifold App 2.0



You can watch the App 2.0 Overview Webinar Here!

New Features for all iManifold App 2.0 Users

  • The functionality of everything on one screen
  • Improved work-flow navigation saves time in the field
  • Can operate mobile devices with one hand
  • Custom mapping for all probes (for single circuit)
  • Auto-data entry (no need to hit submit each time)
  • Auto-sync of your job data; you can purchase access to all your past equipment and customer data purchased at any time
    • assuming you have same smart-device and same app upload.
  • All units of conversion are available
    • such as standard, metric, Fahrenheit, Celsius, vacuum, hertz, etc.
  • Supports most current refrigerants, including blends
  • Includes a basic report

Still Offering These Great Features

  • Works with the UEI DL429 multi-meter
  • Geo-tagging of equipment, customer, & jobs

New Features of iManifold Pro+™ Subscribers:

  • Custom mapping for all probes for multiple circuits
    • can profile multi-circuit system
  • Able to create custom check-list for your company for a one-time fee.
  • Auto-sync of your data with unlimited access to that data
  • All your default settings and equipment profiles are auto-synced to the cloud – you will never lose them!
  • Static pressure air flow calculation
    • Using either the 921M or a manometer of your choice. Obtain measurements by taking both supply and return static pressure, to calculate total external static pressure. Then CFM can be calculated.*
  • Data logging
  • Tech-Connect through our cloud portal: enables your master techs to easily train your newer techs & maintain the quality of each job.
  • Dispatch feature: assign any job to any tech, or tech can pick up a job through the available jobs
  • Powerful filter to search or create your jobs with full customer and equipment data
  • If you lose/damage/re-load your smart-device, all your job, equipment, and customer data can be re-installed automatically.
  • Track job status (unassigned, in progress, or completed)
  • Graphical dashboard (manageable with a very functional screen to see all your company’s job work done: map location of all your jobs, weather information, status, locations, etc.) (in future, could be customizable for a fee)
  • New Pro-Mode option: (extensive system report card with pre-inspection, corrective measures, photos, system quality data) for job quality control.
  • New Pro-Mode option: Refrigerant usage can be entered for each job
  • Re-assign any job to other technicians in the field
  • Review test-in and test-out data on your mobile device
  • Create follow-up job with customer and equipment
    • The option of copying information.
  • Add multiple types of equipment to any job (they link as a sub-job)
  • Map view by the job, customer data, and equipment
  • Administrative access to all job data for all company techs from on the company’s on-line portal
  • If you are an existing cloud subscriber, all your previous customer and equipment data will be seamlessly available.
  • Customer and equipment data for easy management by office or tech.
  • Give us feedback on features you want next, which will be crowd-ranked for priority!
  • The option of powering off iManifold and all Probes
  • *Procedures for the CFM chart must be followed (video and printed instructions to come).

“The ability to use the iManifold with the application and have verified performance and operating data have been a true asset.
The new iManifold application is a great upgrade, and I love the fact that changes to the application can be made quickly as well as having the ability to put our checklists in place. I will be able to train new and current technicians how to use it in a timely manner because it is easy to navigate.”

– Jeff K., Beta Tester, Texas

“I have been using i-Manifold products since its launch date. I have got to say it helped me tremendously as I transitioned over to residential service. It has allowed me to perform the job in a timely and efficient way. It has allowed me to explore further into any system and provide real-time readings and produce nice reports. As time has progressed, Northpark and their team have put a lot of effort into the app by making it more user-friendly, and they stand behind the product 100%, their support is great, and at times it is rapid to any concern or issue. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Beta testing team.”

– Art L., Beta Tester, Texas

“With version two of the iManifold app, we get the same reliable accuracy and trusted performance. With a new look and upgraded user-friendly features that are geared to help make the service technician, service manager and office personnel’s jobs more efficient while providing customers with the verified reports they’ve come to expect on system performance and operational costs, setting you and your company to a high level of professionalism. Thank you iManifold.”

– Bradley M., Beta Tester, Arizona