Replace your mechanical manifold and see how the iManifold will change your job.

Digital HVAC System

In an industry where real-time system performance can mean the difference between getting the job done or leaving a business without air conditioning, having the proper tools is half the battle. Building systems with unique configurations create roadblocks for even the most veteran techs. Instead of hoping your technicians know where needles should fall, use the iManifold to keep track of where pressure needs to be.

It’s easy when you use iManifold that will accurately verify where each reading is and where it should be. Take the guesswork out of maintenance with the ability of:

  • Built-in troubleshooting
  • More accurate measurements
  • Onboard diagnostics

Commercial HVAC Reporting

Even the most seasoned pro has to take the time to run reports, explain the findings to clients, and figure out what the next step is for a customer. Instead of taking the time to painstakingly draw up paperwork by hand, the iManifold will do it for you!

These powerful reporting features offer a more in-depth look at what a customer needs, how their system is performing, and how you can help them perform better. In the end, you are the best person to help a customer make an educated decision on their system. Give them the best answers to their most prominent questions.



Commercial HVAC Calculations

Accuracy counts most critically during an HVAC troubleshooting call. When time is of the essence, easy to use tools and automatic calculations ensure your on-site technicians are getting the information they need, quickly without the aspect of human error. When your professional HVAC tools automatically calculate airflow and can calculate performance targets, even an apprentice can illuminate how simple changes in a system can save business capital.

Increase Productivity

Decisions in this business are based on a measurement you receive from within the field. Equipment should always work correctly whether in a lab or on the job site. Because the iManifold can monitor multiple stages at once and compensate for temperature, barometric pressure, and put to use wireless probes to transmit through equipment, you eliminate manual calculations and lots of footsteps on the job.