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900CUK Additional Circuit Upgrade Kit


Add this to either your 925C-PRO kit or your 916M- PRO kit to add additional circuits (up to 4) to view all circuits simultaneously on one screen.  This kit includes the sensors for suction line and liquid line so the app calculates super-heat and sub-cooling.

916M Single Circuit Pro Kit


This kit is ideal for residential, light commercial & refrigeration, allowing the tech to measure multiple line temperatures in different locations to make diagnostics quicker and easier.  For example, you can view liquid line temperature at evaporator & liquid line temperature at condenser on the same screen with the probes provided. The base unit is a 900C Intelligent Hub, where you need extra range connectivity, up to 1,200 feet, to be more mobile.

iManifold Performance Test Kit 915M


This single-circuit kit delivers the revolutionary system diagnostics that record temperature, pressure and air side measurements.  The 915M kit includes a 900M iManifold that connects directly to the condensing unit while sending data via Bluetooth to your smart device with the Free download of the iManifold app.  Wireless temperature/humidity probes and wired thermistors are included.

iManifold Performance Test Kit with Repeater Probe 920M


The 920M kit delivers all of the same great features as the 915M kit but with the addition of a set of premium ball-valve hoses and a 912M Repeater/Temperature Probe.  The addition of the 912M allows for additional temperature measurements as well as additional range for the wireless network.  All performance diagnostics are sent to your Bluetooth enabled smart device with the Free download of the iManifold app.