• iManifold 900C Intelligent Hub (previously named “iConnect”) Portable Measurement System 900C

  • Backpack for iManifold, Probes, Hoses & Accessories

  • 915C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Airside Performance Test Kit

  • 925C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Basic Performance Test Kit

  • 952C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Custom Program Test Kit, 1-Circuit Extended Range

  • 916C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Performance Test Kit with Airflow Measurement

  • 918C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Refrigeration Performance Test Kit, 4-Circuit

  • 917C-iManifold 900C (previously named “iConnect”) Residential Test Kit with Airflow Measurement