These FAQs are intended to clarify, explain, and promote better understanding of how the iManifold system operates

General Questions

We recommend using devices that are less than 2 years old to maximize the performance of the iManifold app and Bluetooth connectivity. Both Android and Apple devices work great and the only preference is yours.

No, not for use. An Internet connection is only required to download the application and to use cloud services or email. The application will work without internet connection.

The iManifold with an attached hook, 6 AA batteries, and two 12 foot Cooper Atkins pipe strap type temperature sensors.

Yes, it is water resistant, it can be used in light rain, but it cannot be submerged or used in a monsoon.

Yes it is, and it can also read vacuum like a mechanical gauge, but to read microns you need a vacuum gauge (future wireless accessory).

Approximately 40 hours.

Yes, the sensor will not be affected by oil, refrigerant, water, or acids.

At least vent the residual refrigerant from your hoses, then install and purge the hoses with the refrigerant type that is in the system. While it is not required, you could use two sets of hoses, one for POE oils, and one for mineral oils.

Tools will occasionally get stuck in the rain, but it should be understood that air conditioning systems cannot be service in the rain as it changes the characteristic of the condenser coil making it impossible to accurately check charge or performance.

The iManifold hardware is not waterproof. The iManifold is water resistant with the foam port plug in place and the iManifold hanging vertically from the hanging hook. Probes are not water resistant or water proof. Probe temperature and USB ports are points of water ingress. It is recommended that the probes be shielded from direct spray or rain. If water gets into the probe, as soon as possible place the probes in a sealed container on top of a paper towel with several cups of Damprid (available at Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowes) below. Do not place the probes or the iManifold directly in the Damprid desiccant ( Allow the hardware to sit 12-24 hours to absorb moisture. Do not power up wet probes or damage could occur to electronics. Water damage is not covered by warranty.

If for some reason, your electronics still don’t work after drying them out, please contact us to see what your options are. All of our electronics are repairable, so please do not throw them away.

A repair kit can be ordered from Imperial Tools Part number 10SG. If the iManifold is under 1 year old the sight glass will be replaced at no charge if manufacturers defect is suspected.

Batteries can explode for several reasons, the primary being mixing old and new batteries and second installing the batteries improperly. Batteries should be removed ASAP and the compartment cleaned out to prevent further damage. The unit will likely need to be returned for service, but a battery door could be field replaced.

There a several accessories available for use with the iManifold system. These include wireless probes for humidity, temperature, refrigerant pressures and static air pressures. A clamp on temperature sensor (up to 1 3/8” pipe), and a 6” ambient air temperature sensor are also available. The strap probes that are supplied with the iManifold are also available for purchase.

Yes, there is a micro USB port in the back of the unit, and it can be powered through it.

Rechargeable AA batteries can be used, but they will not be recharged in the unit even if it is plugged in.

The firmware in the iManifold is field-upgradeable via Bluetooth through the iManifold App.

Power on the iManifold/iConnect, go to the settings menu (right) tap “configuration” and update the firmware. Depending on the smart device, the update will take from.

Anytime that new hardware is added to the iManifold system, an update in firmware is required. Check the “Configuration” section under the Connect to iManifold button once connected.

No, the iManifold does not have a micron gauge built in (future wireless accessory).

Yes, it is based on the Imperial 800 series manifold, and we offer a “900 series” kit for the iManifold with the black knobs.

No, the pressure sensors have good, long-term stability.

It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soap solution. Do not use chemicals that will damage plastic.

The deepest vacuum possible is -29.92 inHg or -14.696 psig. If an analog or digital gauge is reading below that, it is in error. The low-side sensor on the iManifold is a compound sensor, meaning it will read accurately in both pressure and vacuum, the high-side sensor is a pressure-only sensor. It will indicate vacuum, but will not be as accurate as it was not intended for that purpose, which is why it will not typically read below -27.5 inHg.

You should not be using a digital gauge to measure vacuum, a micron gauge is required for that purpose.

No, due to our technology, there is no need to do periodic recalibrations. In-app “zeroing” is all that is needed. If you have further questions, give our tech team a call at 716-699-2031.

iManifold App

This is most likely caused by not performing a Test In or a Test Out snapshot prior to generating a report. Taking a system snapshot captures all live measurement data including user inputs and calculations that have been recorded at the moment the Take Test In or Out Snapshot button is pressed. This allows for full control over what measurement data is printed on the generated reports.

Dashes can mean that your phone or tablet is not connected to the gauge manifold, or a temperature sensor reading is out of range. It can also mean that you don’t have a temperature sensor connected and have not manually put in values in the “User Inputs” screen.

To check for updates, go to either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and either find the “Updates” section or search the app store for “iManifold” and look for an Update button. If you don’t see an update button or the iManifold app is not listed on an available updates page, the iManifold app is current.

You can always check the Help section of the iManifold app to determine your current version and then check our latest app release notes page here:

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  1. Tap Settings > iTunes & App Store.
  2. If you’re not already, sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Turn on the content that you want to automatically download.