The iManifold App works on:

  • Android devices after & including 6 (Marshmallow)
  • iOS devices after & including ios Version 10

If you are running an old OS (Operating System), you will not be able to find this App in the app store. (The age of your smart device doesn’t matter, just the Operating System)

Latest Release Notes:

  • Pro+ Subscribers : Furnace Testing & Reporting Available Now!
  • Refrigeration Mode
  • View Live iManifold Pulse Data
  • Integration with TPI DC710 Combustion Analyzer
  • Integration with Inficon Wey-TEK Refrigerant Scale
  • Vane Anemometer Airflow Test under Quick Tests
  • Combustion Analysis under Quick Tests
  • Envelope CO Test under Quick Tests
  • Leads Generation after job completion. Check out Pro+ Portal for more info
  • Minor Bug Fixes

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