Increase Profits by Eliminating Callbacks

70% of residential HVAC Systems are performing below manufacturer’s specifications…

What’s an often overlooked, yet major expense for contractors that eats into profits like a virus? Callbacks! It should be a priority for contractors to ensure their technicians do the job right the first time and not have to return immediately. The cost to return is not only a serious drain on company resources that directly impacts job profits, it also negatively effects professional reputation.

iConnect Training StudentsThe #1 way to address this issue is through proper training of core skills and by providing quality tools that ensure the job is done right and documented. In addition to having a solid understanding of the HVAC/R fundamentals, technicians need to be masters in:

  • Procedures in Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting
  • Installation & Commissioning to Manufacturer Specs
  • Documentation / record keeping of the job

Adopting the iManifold system into your company is the one tool that ensures these 3 skill-sets are applied on every applicable job. In addition, the iManifold efficiently collects the key info every technician needs to know for both new commissioning and service calls:

  • Refrigerant temperatures & pressures
  • Is airflow through the condenser and evaporator at recommended values?
  • Pressure valves correctly set?
  • Is the charge correct?

Tu 805 Mobile Trainer

Training Unit Solar HVACOur tools teach technicians to look for the root cause of problems while enhancing skill levels. A solid understanding of the theory of how HVAC/R systems operate must first be present. iConnect Training vocational trainers are our solution for hands on demonstration of real world scenarios in a classroom environment.

It’s nearly impossible to create every situation seen in the field. However, with our diverse lineup, and custom trainer options; we cover a lot! Everything from compact AC units that fit in the backseat of a car, to military grade – rolling industrial refrigeration demonstrators to residential electrical, we have it covered!

Give Caroline a call to learn more about our solutions that address the shrinking workforce & high demand for HVAC/R professionals. (716) 468-4047 or

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