Customized Training Unit

Tu130 Basic | IManifoldby: Caroline Dickey, Training Unit Sales


When I first spoke with Jimmy B., Contractor and Operations Manager at Total Line Refrigeration, in Avon Lake, Ohio, he told me that they were looking to build their own training units to expand their internal training facility. After we had discussed their needs and determined that building their own would be a time-consuming task, we agreed that our TU-100 Basic Refrigeration Training unit would fit their needs. But there was one request, could we customize that model with a water-cooled condenser to reflect systems they see in the field every day?


Here at North Park Innovations Group, we listen to our customers’ needs. Your questions about professionally designed, safe, and durable training equipment for your internal training program are taken seriously. Our team understands that creating or expanding your training program is a complex decision, including choosing the right equipment.

To create a solution for Total Line Refrigeration, we scheduled a Skype session with our NPI production team, and discussed their needs and possible solutions. After some research and a few follow-up questions, we returned a proposal to Jimmy for their custom solution which was the newly developed TU-130 (pictured above).

Jimmy said that working with North Park was …”a great experience. It was a quick turnaround for this project. Our techs and students are very excited to use the new equipment. We’re fortunate to have students and techs that want to grow, so they ask a lot of questions. We’re excited to help future techs learn.”

I’ve spoken with many contractors that are going through the same process. I’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss your training needs. My direct number is 716-468-4047, or email me at