With an iManifold Pro+™ Subscription you can:

Save time and improve job quality:

1. Tech Connect support: instant, streaming data so your senior techs can assist your techs in the field from anywhere, without any travel.
2. Speed up your techs’ entire process, by establishing easy-to-read targets for most efficient charge and air flow.
3. Use AHRI database to instantly pre-populate the system profilewith actual capacities, for a more accurate comparison of actuals to targets.
4. Arm your techs with our new Data Logging feature. Allows for long-term system analysis to discover causes for their intermittent, challenging problems.

Increase Sales & Save Money:

1. Other HVAC Business Owners using the iManifold platform are reporting they reduce expensive call-backsby as much as 90%!!!
2. Use the suite of customer-facing reports as sales tools, including our most popular iManifold Pro Report.

Improve Your Business:

1. Build your company’s customer database, with past performance & equipment information of each customer’s unit at your fingertips, and ready for your next service call to that location.
2. Increase your company’s professional image with unlimited logo-customized reports.
3. Your Back Office can generate any reports, review past performance, or generate additional reports that the field tech may not have run, all via their desktop computers.
4. Provide consistent data to improve your quality of service.

PLUS: Now the iManifold application runs on Windows 10 for use with Surface Pros, desktop computers, and other Windows 10 devices. Convenient