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North Park Innovations Updates iManifold System with Alltemp Refrigerant Parameters

Alltemp teams up with North Park Innovations Group (NPI), improving the installation process for thousands of technicians in 19 countries on the iManifold network.

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA- Alltemp, Inc. (OTCQB: LTMP) (the “Company”), a developer of proprietary, environmentally friendly refrigerant technologies, announced today that the Company’s alltemp refrigerant data has been added to the iManifold system interface.

This move pairs two HVAC technology innovators by bringing these advancements to the global industry. The interface will soon allow alltemp users to get the most out of their alltemp refrigerant and their climate control systems. Better installs result in even more efficiently running systems, which translate into greater user savings.

iManifold is scheduling an Alltemp specific data update, which will be sent to thousands of technicians on its user network, in 19 countries in October of 2017.

The iManifold is a revolutionary, patented digital manifold technology that was designed to make HVAC technicians more efficient. The platform allows HVAC technicians to more accurately and quickly read data and diagnose system issues iManifold comes with a free app that includes basic reporting Additional advanced reporting and other features are offered with the iManifold Cloud subscription, providing easy sharing, better connectivity, and field technical support with Tech-Connect™. The iManifold has won numerous industry awards, and is used in HVAC equipment commissioning by several global OEMs.

“iManifold’s digital technology is able to provide additional support to make installation of our alltemp refrigerants even more seamless. Among its many client-specific features is the ability to showcase an HVAC system’s before and after performance,” said William Lopshire, Alltemp CEO.

“We are honored to have Alltemp, Inc. select our iManifold platform to be the preferred technology for installation and verification of their innovative refrigerant products,” said Bill Northrup, North Park Innovations Group CEO.

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About iManifold
North Park Innovations Group’s revolutionary, patented product is the first iPhone-, iPad-, and Android- (smart device) compatible wireless refrigeration diagnostic platform The iManifold displays the system’s actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling while simultaneously calculating performance targets. The color display provides a visual indication of distance from target measurement, eliminating guesswork. In addition to ensuring peak performance after installation or service, the iManifold’s software platform allows remote streaming and support based on the readings on a technician’s smart device, thereby saving travel time and money. For further information please go to

About Alltemp, Inc.
Alltemp, Inc. has developed a proprietary refrigerant technology, after years of research and development, called alltemp, a proven replacement for many worldwide refrigerants that have detrimentally affected the global environment. Alltemp’s refrigerants are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and cost-efficient energy solutions for the residential and commercial marketplace. alltemp refrigerants have broad applications, ranging from Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (“HVAC”), to refrigeration and foam insulation, to industrial solvents. alltemp is the ideal solution for replacement of R-407c, R-134a, R-404a, and HCFC-22, better known as R-22, but which is rapidly being phased out in all developed countries due to environmental concerns over its strong effect on the depletion of the Earth’s ozone layer. For further information, please go to

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