Coleman Post Imanifold 550x265 | IManifoldThe iManifold team at North Park Innovations Group is proud to have teamed up with Coleman. Now Coleman dealers can save time when commissioning new Coleman equipment, by using the iManifold® system.
The iManifold system includes the iConnect, a powerful piece of equipment that gathers, reports, and diagnoses HVAC readings with the iManifold app and a cloud subscription. When using the iConnect, it has been shown to cut commissioning time* up to 50%!
The iConnect will provide the installing technician with the ability to verify and quantify the exact amount of cooling the newly installed unit is producing. The iManifold platform will provide a very detailed commissioning report with minimal effort by the technician. With the available cloud subscription, the technician can also connect with a senior technician or directly to the factory for troubleshootingusing the powerful Tech Connect feature.

Travis Keyser, National Accounts Technical Manager for Johnson Controls, the manufacturer of Coleman HVAC equipment, explains how the iConnect saves time on commissioning: “All you do is turn the system on, wait 15 minutes for it to settle, check that readings are within our published data range (+3%), save, and then e-mail the report to yourself. You don’t have to write or calculate anything, or print anything out, it’s all instantly generated!”

“We’re pleased that Coleman just announced their approval of our iConnect Critical Survey Report to take the place of their Critical Reading Sheet, which previously had to be manually completed for every system commissioning,” says Bill Northrup, CEO of North Park Innovations Group.

The iManifold technology is making it easier now for Coleman installers. If you want to learn more about these products, including the iConnect and other kits, contact your local Johnstone Supply store, or call North Park Innovations at 716-699-2031 and our Customer Service Team will be ready to help you.

*After the iConnect set-up, and based on commissioning the Coleman 14SEER LX Equipment.

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